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Under Pressure

Under Pressure

In life we know that we are going to experience challenges, but what do we do when those challenges feel out of our control and never ending?

Happy Wednesday Mother Lovers,

The navy seals when asked why they train so hard always respond with the same answer:

“we train hard because under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to your level of training”

The saying is actually, “we don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training” as said by a greek philosopher.

I think about this saying often and refer to it while I’m training for marathons.

But when it comes to life and it’s challenges, can we train our brains to react and respond in new ways? Raise our level of sink and create a higher baseline?

Especially if we aren’t prepared, let alone wired to respond optimistically?

The answer is yes.

The last few weeks have presented me with circumstances that have been out of my control. Most are, I know.

However, it’s caused me to pause and reflect…

The way I used to react vs now are two very different experiences.

It’s the difference between reacting emotionally and remaining in victimhood to honoring my emotions but choosing my responses, repairing and moving on.

I’m sharing the tools I’ve been using, how I’ve applied them to what’s been coming up and how I even taught my teenagers to use them in their formative years. ( I share specifically how I did this and why)

Teaching our brains how to think critically when under pressure is a skill set that can be learned, but we have to practice ahead of time.

It doesn’t end there; we may be able to develop the skill of handling our stressors, but are we dealing with the stress that builds up in our bodies and actively releasing it?

Tune in today for my Mother Approved process and learn:

  • A simple 5 Step Problem Solving Solution you can use next time you have a problem

  • What Fear Setting is and how to do it

  • Why your life depends on you releasing stress. I’m giving you 7 ways as taught by Emily and Amelia Nagoski from their book Burnout.

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Wait, What?
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