Feb 9 • 28M

Ep 2 Trauma, Stress and Sex

Why saying yes to pleasurable moments will produce the feel-good chemicals required to keep us alive

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Ashley Kelsch
Get ready to navigate the high’s and low’s of modern dating, sex and relationships. Each week I dive into your brain on dating, real life circumstances and how to overcome them. Lose yourself in the moment, not the (hu)man.
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Last week Austin was presented with a winter storm that took the power out leaving hundreds of thousands people displaced, in the dark and cold. The events, though not as extreme as the storm we experienced in 2021, has been another series of stress, triggering events. that

It reminded me of two episodes I recorded in response to those events. Trauma is Trauma and Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby.

Tune in to learn how we process traumatic events and why even though several people share an experience, they will deal with it very differently.  I discuss what is happening in your brain and body when in trauma, how to process anxiety and why it’s important to not just breathe, but the chemicals you need to create to counteract stress.

In the second half, Let’s talk about Stress Baby, I address a question sent in by a listener.

“Why don’t I feel like having sex when I’m stressed out?”

- something that I experienced as well. 

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As women, we're taught that we must take care of others first and put ourselves last. We’re used to sacrificing ourselves and our pleasure to make those around us happier, and we've been raised to compact any feelings of depression, resentment, and exhaustion. But there’s a solution, a way to feel better, and it may sound radical, but it’s exactly what we need right now.

You might think that feeling turned on is not a priority when life is challenging and turning upside down on itself, but I want you to consider that maybe this is the answer to difficult times. The idea of sex and orgasms during stressful times may sound hard, but saying yes to pleasurable moments will produce the feel-good chemicals required to keep us alive.

Join me this week as I share why more people are more likely to reach for a drink or dessert before they reach for an orgasm, and why this needs to change. I’m explaining why it’s important to get into your body and out of your mind, and why stress affects our sex drives, but orgasm can be the answer.

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