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Tribeza’s dating and romance columnist Ashley Kelsch always offers a thoughtful and funny outlook when it comes to life and relationships, but this piece in particular stands out to me as one of our most compelling stories of the year. Detailing her unconventional parenting situation and family structure, Kelsch offers a valuable perspective on accepting the unpredictable things life throws at you and making difficult choices to benefit your loved ones. The story differs from our usual content, but still presents a look at the fascinating people and experiences that make up Austin. Meher Qazilbash, Digital Editor Tribeza Magazine

Insightful and human. Ashley's essays are always a good read. Joe Duncan// The Science of Sex

Smart and sassy Austin woman shares a lively and mature perspective on sex, love and relationships. Always an entertaining read! Deece// Life It’s Own Self

You have an amazing gift of articulating complex emotions. This essay surely touches mine. Thank you! I adore this! a reader

Love your writing my dear friend. It’s like our convos come to life. Josh Swanson// ANONYMOUS

My column is mostly a collection of essays from my lived experience along with some prescriptive advice on how I’ve navigated being a single working mom, sobriety, dating and relationships, death, sex, friendships and so on.

More About Ashley…

Ashley is a multifaceted entrepreneur, life coach, columnist, podcast host, and single mother hailing from the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. As the owner and founder of Teddies for Bettys, she has established herself as not only a leading figure in the intimate and sexual wellness industry, providing women luxurious intimate wear and empowering them around their own pleasure, but became known in her community as a source of 'who to ask' about all things dating, sex and relationships. 

It was through these intimate conversations in the dressing rooms that Ashley felt called to step into a new career; Coaching women on dating, sex and relationships. 

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Ashley is also a prominent dating and romance columnist + podcast host. She spent nearly 3 years writing for Tribeza magazine, where she shared her insights and experiences navigating the complex world of relationships before starting her own column, Wait, What? on Substack. Her candid, humorous and insightful writing style resonates with readers seeking authentic advice on matters of modern love, womanhood, parenting and more of life's moments.

Ashley's journey as a single mother has been marked by challenges and triumphs. Despite the hurdles of  the death of her children's father, divorce(s) and navigating the complexities of relationships, she has successfully raised two children while pursuing her passions and career aspirations. Through her experiences, including weathering an affair and learning to date without losing her sanity, Ashley has emerged as a resilient and inspiring figure, offering hope and guidance to others facing similar struggles.

With her unique blend of expertise in entrepreneurship, relationship dynamics, and mindful living, Ashley Kelsch continues to inspire and empower women to embrace their authentic selves and cultivate meaningful connections in every aspect of their lives.

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Wait, What? Making sense of modern love, womanhood, motherhood post kids at home, and more of life's moments sprinkled with unsolicited advice


Single mother of 2 young adults, former owner of Teddies for Bettys, a lingerie and sexual wellness shop in Austin TX turned writer and dating / relationship coach.