Ashley Kelsch, mother of two young adults, former owner of Teddies for Bettys, a lingerie and well-being store, is a dating and relationship coach, a writer for Tribeza and podcast host.

Tired of being censored online, she decided to take the bra by its straps and publish her work on Substack not only for her readers, but herself. If she doesn’t get the sentences and stories out of her mind, she’ll go crazy. Our focus is to get her and the material organized in an effort to create a panoply of content for you to enjoy.

Plus she’s convinced she does her best work from bed and believes she can make more by the hour from there, then anywhere.

Ashley has this theory that she can produce a higher salary by gaining 1000 True Fans on Substack than the average person can make on Only Fans. She doesn’t know what the average person is making on an OnlyFans account. She’s just tired of people asking her to start an Only Fans account.

Which seems kind of ridiculous if you think about it. Why not show a little shoulder while you share about the social injustices of the world? We think it’s a brilliant way to talk about and teach feminism, an egalitarian world and a modern update on human sexuality.

She’s not sold on the idea. However, she did concede on providing toe picks to the In (m)Other Words Founding Members.

At least she said she would. There’s nothing in writing holding her feet to the fire (no pun intended) so we’re not sure she will, but we’re not unsure either.

What else is there to say about Ashley? She gets ‘worked up’ seems ‘busy’ and is by nature, a polemist. She always has ‘something’ going on.

We heard her say recently that she’s not interested in talking about or doing what everyone else is.

She wants to talk about the things people aren’t saying, maybe haven’t even thought about. Hard to say if she will or if it’s even possible.

I guess if we stick around long enough, we will find out.

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The sex is great... it's the dating that has me questioning everything.


Ashley Kelsch
Former owner of a lingerie shop turned dating & relationship writer/ coach. Twice divorced, she's raised 2 kids & spent the last 13 years dating like her life depended on it. She lived to tell all. No one really cares, but what else is she to do?